Observing the current global landscape, it is evident that the world is in turmoil, with protests and civil unrest prevalent all over. In 2019, protesters in Hong Kong donned Guy Fawkes masks to oppose a controversial bill that would have allowed Hong Kong's extradition to China. These masks proved to be effective at shielding the protesters from harm, prompting China to ban the use of face masks.

Although wearing masks during these situations is often viewed as a cause for vandalism, it can also serve as a means of association and empowerment for the demonstrators. However, law enforcement officials have been increasingly harsh towards these peaceful demonstrators, often resorting to the use of tear gas and pepper spray, leading to fatalities. It is worth noting that behind these masks are real people, including fathers with children. Regrettably, this fact is not always recognized, and this project aims to reveal the stories that lie behind the masks.

This project was showcased as part of the exhibition 'The Society of the Spectacle.'