Born in Belgium and shaped in the Netherlands. I am a graphic designer and artdirector working on identities, printed matters, digital projects and visual research with a strong interest in motion design and music spanning from Folk to house. I believe that design can be a powerful catalyst for meaningful conversations. Rather than shying away from difficult issues, I see my work as a way to spark dialogue and create a starting point for exploring complex topics. My approach is fueled by a deep curiosity, which drives me to continually seek out new knowledge and perspectives. In my design process, I take a research-oriented approach, always questioning the status quo and asking why things are the way they are. By challenging assumptions and pushing boundaries, I aim to create designs that are both aesthetically compelling and intellectually engaging. My name is Pauline Feitz and i look at the society with the sophisticated eye of a designer and if you're looking for a designer who can help you start important conversations and explore new ideas, I'd love to chat. Based in Rotterdam @PortfolioMelange