Born in Belgium and shaped in the Netherlands.

Pauline is a graphic designer who specializes in identities, printed matters, digital projects, and visual research. She has a keen interest in motion design and music, ranging from Folk to house.

According to Pauline, design has the potential to spark meaningful conversations. Instead of avoiding difficult issues, she believes that her work can serve as a starting point for exploring complex topics. Pauline's approach is rooted in her deep curiosity, which compels her to continually seek out new perspectives and knowledge.

Pauline's design process is research-oriented, and she constantly questions the status quo while challenging assumptions and pushing boundaries. Her aim is to create designs that are both aesthetically compelling and intellectually engaging.

She is passionate about helping her clients start important conversations and explore new ideas, and she would be happy to discuss any design projects that align with her values.

Based in Rotterdam, NL


+31 6 181 737 28




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