The animal lights is a lightsystem using connectors and wooden sticks which people can assemble themselves. Once put together, the lamps are designed as abstract animals. Thereby memory and emotion is created inside the room.

By this modular system you can easily change and modify the lights to your own needs and function. The owner of his Animal light is challenged to come up with creative new ideas and designs for there lamp.

Besides the modularity of the Animal Lights, this modular system creates also an upcycling environment. When a piece of the lamp is damaged or broken, you don’t have to replace the whole lamp. Only the part which is broken can be replaced or repaired.

In 2015 the Animal lights were honored with the second place in the dutch young company of the year award.

In collaboration withRuben Hoogvliet and Jolie van Wijngaarden.

Awards: 2nd place “jong ondernemen”