December 2020
Pssst is an urgent activation with the pay-off “there is more to it than you think”. The aim of this publication is to make the outside world understand the current situation about the impact of street harassment. It also offers a platform for women who can be “anonymously” vulnerable by sharing their story.

Whistle, hiss, check or shout after. Almost every woman has to deal with street harassment in her life. There is now talk of habituation, many women do not know better and are no longer aware that this is still intimidation. Studies have written that women adjust their behavior accordingly. Eye contact is avoided, and in the evening on the street a different route is taken. In most cases street harassment is often harmless, but unfortunately there are also situations where street harassment comes together with violence.

By listening to the audio fragments that can be found on the website, the visitor gets a picture of street harassment that is as real as possible. The fragile stories narrated by the victims and the oppressive excerpt about what it feels like to be called out are reinforced by articles about street harassment.

It is important that stories are shared, talked about and recognized. It shouldn't go without saying that women consider it normal to be hissed or checked.

That's how it feels to be called after every day. It is important to put on headphones while listening for the binaural effect.

Beware: offensive language and contains swear words