Make the invisble, visible.

April 2020

In every society there are some people who cannot participate or do not participate at all. The society has forgotten them, they are hidden in a corner and they get the stamp as the unseen. The difference between the unseen and the people that live in a normal society is that their mask has fallen, the mask is a little thinner but underneath it we are all scared, we are scared of things going out of control, we are always looking over our shoulders that something is going to jump on us, that we are going to disappear in nonentity.

In this zine I show you a group of people who each carry his or her own story. These photos are made by artist and photographer Roger Ballen. His photographs are reinforced by the strong statements of Barbara Kruger. What these two artists have in common is that they stand up for a forgotten group of people. They do this both in their own way but in this zine they are brought together and make the invisible, visible.